About us

Instituto Bilingue Santa Maria La Antigua ISMA, is a bilingual educational institution inspired in core values, such as, respect, honesty, tolerance and solidarity.

Our major strength is personalized attention to our students and their families whilst respecting everyone’s individuality. We encourage the development of personal integrity, tolerance towards others, trust, individual and social responsibility and authenticity.

We bring up our students to compose and develop their own personal project for a successful life. We offer an excellent English program, which provides the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the real world.

ISMA Panama Principles

• Respect for each student’s individuality
• Solidarity with the students and their families
• Community service
• Educational excellence and work ethic
• Teamwork

ISMA Panama Values

• Honesty
• Humility
• Tolerance
• Respect
• Responsibility

ISMA Panama Mission

To develop comprehensively and individually each student, whilst respecting their unique combination of intelligence, to be used in their education, based on values, ethical and moral principles; offering an innovative educational solution and reinforcing their English proficiency and mastery of cutting edge technologies.

ISMA Panama Vision

To become Panama’s leading innovative and high-performance educational center, distinguishing ourselves through high quality services and formative bilingual student training, in order to contribute to the building of a better society.

ISMA Panama History

Instituto Bilingue Santa Maria La Antigua was founded in 1981 by Mercedes Barragán de Pinzón, opening its doors with an enrollment of 12 students and under the name of Instituto Oral de Panama.

Located in Betania, in Panama City, the project was a response to the need, at the moment, to improve the quality of education of children and youth with special educational needs and a motivation to provide a more personalized attention to students and their families.

Currently, with over 400 students our modern facilities are equipped with the latest technology, offering an ideal environment for the learning process. We also have a video surveillance system and air conditioning in all our classrooms.

The educational commitment of ISMA Panama, has helped us over the years to achieve a great position in the community as a different educational alternative based on the uniqueness of the students. Our approach enhances the human development, English language acquisition and mastery of technologies.